Cruz and Fiorina Play “Thelma and Louise” for Real

Cruz & Fiorina Do a Thelma and Louise for the Final Primaries
Cruz & Fiorina Do a Thelma and Louise for the Final Primaries

Cruz & Fiorina Do a Thelma and Louise for the Final Primaries

I love the ending of Ridley Scott’s movie, Thelma and Louise, where they drive off a cliff together after exhausting all their options to stay clear of the law. And now I get to see two of the most hated politicians do it in real life, thanks to the evangelical Christian huckster cum laude and presidential candidate from Texas, Ted Cruz, strapping Carly Fiorina in and driving off a cliff at the end of his campaign after running afoul of the law of  rational probabilities.

Cruz & Fiorina, Republican Charm School Graduates

Cruz & Fiorina, Republican Charm School Graduates

Cruz’s main problem was that outside of knee-jerk, rabid evangelical Christians, not many people could stomach him. And Ted Cruz is not the kind of guy who wants to be alone when he crashes and burns.

Raving narcissists and those lacking  integrity will always try to take someone with them when they go.  What is surprising is that Fiorina is a willing passenger in Cruz’s  suicide vehicle disguised as a last-ditch effort. Now I understand how her limited thinking damaged HP when she was in charge.

Thelma and Louise driving off the cliff into the Grand Canyon to end their lives was a mesmerizing and sad moment. Cruz and Fiorina driving off the cliff to end their political aspirations is quite a jubilant affair and one to be celebrated. John Boehner, in recent remarks, put it this way:

“I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life.”

Ahhh, payback is a bitch and Boehner has waited a long time for this moment. It couldn’t come at a worse time for his arch-nemesis, Cruz.

After five – count em’, five! – crushing primary defeats in the Northeast, a frenzied Cruz scrambled to embrace Carly Fiorina by naming her his vice-presidential  choice. A rare occurrence for someone who hasn’t even won the presidential nomination.  I thought Ted Cruz would leave the campaign making excuses as he always has for his reprehensible behavior in Congress, on the campaign trail, and his blistering losses.

Cruz’s history of double-dealing and back-biting garnered him near zero endorsements from Republican House and Senate members.  Obviously, a sorry state for someone who claims to be in direct communication with Jesus Christ and the person to lead this country.

So rejoice at Cruz and Fiorina pulling a Thelma and Louise for their finale — we’re dodging one of two Republican bullets. I always thought Cruz would leave the campaign in desperation, but not as a desperate, simple fool.


God plays dice with the universe

God plays dice with the universeFaith strikes home when the single desire to believe exceeds the thousand good reasons for not do so. My brother, Zach, found Jesus in mid-life, converted to Catholicism, and after some years of intense biblical study he completed his journey to becoming a wholly superior, self-indulgent, moralizing twit. But I love him none the less.

I’d mentioned to him that I found no basis or evidence for his god or any flavor of god existing, to which he patronizingly replied, “Natural science and theology are not competing bodies of knowledge; rather they are distinct and complementary forms of inquiry.” He’d obviously been spoon-fed the intellectual gruel the Catholic Church passes off as T-bone steak. I asked him how much Jesus had charged him for his frontal lobotomy and it went downhill from there.

“Distinct and complementary forms of inquiry” is a variation of the renowned paleontologist, evolutionary biologist, and historian of science, Stephen J. Gould’s claim that religion and science are “non-overlapping magisteria,” that is, philosophically, non-overlapping domains of study, inquiry, and influence. Of course this is a non-starter, a failed proposition right out of the box, as is Zach’s restatement of this proposition. The simplest two reasons (among many) is that religion continually makes forays into the natural world with outrageous claims which infringe directly upon science, and does so with arguments which trespass upon the integrity of our natural world, and about as subtly as nine-hundred overweight flamenco dancers kicking their hearts out on top of a condemned building.

THE QUANTUM PROBABILITY PRAYER PROBLEM: Contrary to what Stephen Gould claimed about religion and science being “non-overlapping magisteria,” not only does prayer trespass upon science’s “magisteria,” but it does so with an unapologetic chutzpah and arrogance. Every prayer uttered in desire, pain, suffering, or love, is done so with the religiously fostered expectation that a god will intervene in this world on one’s behalf to alter in one’s favor the natural order and progression of probability-laden possibilities into improbable alternate realities, or impossibilities, as the case may be. More simply stated, god will suspend the physical laws of nature, physics, and quantum mechanics to give to us what we ask. Exploring how such nonsense came to be believed is entirely another issue.

Exploring further what would happen if even a single prayer was ever actually “answered,” consider: if a god answers our prayers, as all religionists claim, then such a god nudges our moment to moment reality to and fro for our benefit and alters the laws of physics and quantum probabilities in our dimensions to do so. Even one answered prayer requires — absolutely requires — that reality must also be altered for everyone else in the world on some level, now and into the future. God will change our entire future history, and therefore, the future history of the world — and consequently everyone in it — to grant our wishes if we pray well. If this is not the case or the object of the exercise, why pray? It begs the question, if prayer is not clearly the most massively narcissistic enterprise one can engage in, what is?

Answered prayer declares that every time our personal flavor of god sticks its toe into our dimensions to stir the waters or alter the flow of happenstance, time, circumstance, and serendipity, our worldly reality is forever altered and splintered, thereby contravening macro and quantum probabilities. Answered prayer is the ultimate fruition of chaos theory, the theological “butterfly effect,” the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in China eventually altering the entire weather system of North America, and consequently the world, but in prayer’s case, without any rational support for this occurring and leaving absolutely no falsifiable or objectively rational evidence that it has ever occurred.

Answered prayer is, therefore, an overt and wholly unsupportable faith-based scientific claim that quantum probabilities no longer apply or relate to the physical realities of our lives or the physical properties of our world or the universe, while, in the same breath, claiming to alter our physical reality from its course, forever. The scientific claim religion clearly makes is: A god may alter the laws of physics in one’s favor, capriciously and willy-nilly as it chooses, and alter the cumulative future histories on some level of everyone else in the world now and in the future in the bargain, thereby uncoupling the quantum mechanical and classical probabilities from everyone’s world and experience, while leaving absolutely no falsifiable evidence of reality-tampering in its wake.

The result is that answered prayer throws the world into a quantum washing machine where all quantum and macro probabilities are scrubbed clean from current and future reality, and then haphazardly tumbled. And what is the best “probability cleanser” to use? A god, of course, need you ask? We hear of criminals and the Vatican bank laundering money; religion makes numerous and outrageous claims that god launders the predictive probabilities from our lives and world at large. From any moral accountability or ethical perspective, god is by far the greatest criminal laundering enterprise.



Donald Trump: Destroying American Exceptionalism Photo credit: - edited
Donald Trump: Destroying American Exceptionalism Photo credit: - edited

Donald Trump destroys American Exceptionalism Photo credit: – edited

Super Tuesday was certainly super for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, living proof of American Exceptionalism having a bad day. Is America exceptional or what!

But America did not treat exceptionally well two first-generation Americans of Cuban extraction, Rafael Cruz and Marco Rubio, or the back-woodsy social democrat, Bernie Sanders. Evangelicals (gels) and black voters treated them exceptionally poorly.

How could such a travesty of reason happen in a country chosen by God to lead the world in gratuitous military actions, an unquenchable thirst for Chinese-made clothing and chachkas, and evangelical Christian megachurches glorifying God to the fullest with edifices looking much like insurance company lobbies. Anyone with a Bible and an ounce of American Exceptionalism rumbling about their brains or bowels will tell you this is all part of God’s plan.

Here’s how America exceptionally screwed up on Super Tuesday, the Nedelman Report short version.

Hillary Clinton - bought and paid for.

Hillary Clinton – bought and paid for. Photo credit:

Hillary’s win – an ongoing con-job: After Hillary put $675,000 into her pocket from banking giant, Goldman-Sachs, and they in turn put Hillary into their pocket, Blacks continue to maintain that Hillary is their best white friend and overwhelmingly voted for her. That’s called cognitive dissonance and proof that black people’s memories are every bit as short as those of white people.

Bill Clinton’s 1994 “The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act” put more blacks behind bars than any law since the end of the Civil War. These are Hillary’s words on the law:

“They are not just gangs of kids anymore. They are often the kinds of kids that are called ‘super-predators.’ No conscience, no empathy. We can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heel…”

—Hillary Clinton 1996

Bring them to heel? Like dogs? Sounds like a line from a Victorian novel where English colonial overlords flog the local natives into submission. That racist tidbit would certainly get my vote if I was black.

There has been no legislation from the either Clinton protecting black/minority rights from right-wing evangelical Christian Republican legislation designed to limit voting – requiring voter ID while closing down DMV locations in black areas, limiting write-in ballots, placing local restrictions on college-age voters, and shortening voter registrations times.

Blacks can’t support their arch-enemy, the Republicans, so they supported Clinton against Bernie Sanders, who actually marched with Martin Luther King and has ideas to economically enhance both the black and white middle class and poor. Super Tuesday was a WTF moment of black American exceptionalism, to be sure, as is supporting a Wall Street banker’s delight, Hillary Clinton — an exceptionally stupid thing to do with respect to their core interests.

Trump’s win – fifty years in the making. Prior to 1965, northern Democrats ignored the southern white racist architecture in the South, and in turn, the South, with its roots in labor – cloth mills, mining, and manufacturing – remained Democratic with segregation and separate drinking fountains for blacks. Conservative, racist southern Dems viewed the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1965 as a betrayal by northern Dems, and like Strom Thurmond, switched to the Republican party over the next twenty years. That’s why a streak of racism still remains at the core of the solid Republican South.

To do an end run on the Civil Rights Act’s mandated integration, southern white gels, mainly Southern Baptists, started the private faith-based school system where nary a white child would school with a black child. The evangelical Christian ministers certainly loved this racist Republican idea and became powerful in their mutual support. The southern evanglical churches, in turn, created faith-based political action committees supportive of conservative Repubs — all the while flogging their white students with biblical prophecy, creationism, and other anti-science lunacy for fifty years.

The result? The obstructionist gel-laden Tea Party was one goofy, sorry result, among many, that the Civil Rights Act gave birth to. Manic anti-science, pro-creationist, anti-intellectual, and anti-abortion Republicans reveling in their irrational goofiness is another.

Unfortunately, Republicans and their right-wing evangelical, faith-based PAC supporters — think Moral Majority and the like — made economic and social promises for the past forty years that they couldn’t keep to their rank and file — the reactionary, goose-stepping, gun-toting, sparkle-eyed but thinking-impaired base — mainly evangelical Christians, racists, bigots, and sundry white supremacist groups — say, about 25% of America. Sad, but true.

For example, when Republicans started an expensive war in Iraq and lowered taxes for the wealthiest at the same time, who does that leave to pay for the war? If you’re slow on the uptake, it’s the middle class. Who dies in such a war? Mainly middle-class and poor American evangelicals, plus hundreds of thousands of Iraqi’s. I won’t even go into the unrest and warfare in the rest of the Middle East that resulted.

And when the 2008 economic meltdown occurred, we witnessed American Exceptionalism at its best — America’s corporate CEOs, our ruggedly independent bastions of capitalism, begging senate committees for the government to bail them out and take them under the government’s protective wing. How’s that for a dose of socialism… well, socialism and lowered taxes for the wealthy; the rest of the middle class and poor just had to fend for themselves and lost their homes, jobs, insurance, small businesses, and retirement, and now have had to pay for corporate America’s mistakes and outright fraud while the corporate socialist elite moved their money offshore. This is called trickle-down banana Republic economics.

So now the gels, the poor dupes, are pissed-off to the gills – enter Trump, the anti-establishment, anti-minority, no-experience, American Exceptionalist candidate extraordinaire, feeling their pain and giving voice to their frustrations over decades of broken promises made by right-wing whack-job politicians and their power-hungry support staff – evangelical Christian ministers.  Never have more angry, gullible, thinking-challenged, scripture-spouting, faith-based diseducated Americans showed up at the voting booths in such numbers.

Super Tuesday was not one of America’s finer hours to be sure, but certainly one more proof of American Exceptionalism at its worst. What country but America could go this exceptionally loony with candidates this exceptionally ill-tempered, ill-qualified, and ill-suited to meet America’s needs?


Marco Rubio, the Hispanic Titanic, will sink. Photo credit: NYDailyNews

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Marco Rubio, the Hispanic Titanic, will sink

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Bobby Jindal before declaring presidential candidacy

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Kansas Republican Governor Sam Brownback

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flipping the bird

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god and adam

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