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Romney’s Rubber Spine

Republicans cry foul at the new Democratic campaign ad released on the one year anniversary of the death of Osama bin Laden. The ad subtly suggests in a nice way that Mitt Romney is too weak and spineless to be President. Responding to the Republican attack, Democrats said, “At least the TV spot we ran […]

North Korean Leader: “Romney Really Frightens Me!”

PYONGYANG, North Korea In a response to letters recently sent to voters by Rick Santorum, stating, “It truly frightens me to think what’ll happen if Romney is the nominee,” the new North Korean Leader, Kim Jong Un, responded in a fit of deja vu with, “It truly frightens me to think what’ll happen if Romney […]

Santorum Surrenders at Gettysburg!

Unlike the Confederate general, Robert E. Lee, or Union general, Mead, in 1863, Rick Santorum chose not to fight at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, but instead, surrendered to Mitt Romney, the corporate marauder from Massachusetts. Losing to Romney in the polls in his home state of Pennsylvania cemented Santorum’s courageous  decision to quit while he was behind. Despite […]

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