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Shylock Was a Lightweight Compared to Chief Justice Roberts

So, you have a problem with the government requiring you to buy or to pay for your healthcare insurance. I don’t blame you if you’ve believed all the demented hype about the Affordable Care Act being a Obama-Marxist plot. This is particularly true if you have not taken the time to think it through, as […]

Obama Care Upheld: Republicans Vow to Make Everyone Sick

WASHINGTON, DC SCOTUS (the Supreme Court of the United States) has upheld Obama Care this morning and congressional Republicans have vowed to retaliate and make everyone in America sick as possible as quickly as possible. Congratulations are pouring in on the international front. In a surprise move, all three current presidential candidates in Mexico have […]

Romney Tells Latinos to Learn Spanish

ORLANDO, FLORIDA Thursday, June 21 Mitt Romney spoke at the National Assn. of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials here today, attacking President Obama’s DREAM Act as “stop-gap measures,” while offering few details of his “Berlitz Spanish Solution” to the United States immigration problem. “As usual with all my big plans and policy solutions, I can’t […]

Romney: “Make ‘Taco Tuesday’ a National Holiday”

UNDISCLOSED TACO BELL LOCATION IN MICHIGAN Mitt Romney said that if he is elected President, he and fellow hardline Republicans will push for formalizing “Taco Tuesday” as a national holiday, all in an effort to appease Latinos for previous hostile immigration statements he made and to steal thunder away from President Obama immigration directive last […]

Bush – The Best Ex-President Ever!

THE WHITE HOUSE Security was exceptionally tight at the White House for former President George W. Bush and his wife who are here for the official unveiling of Bush’s presidential portrait. Centered across the lower third of the G.W. Bush’s presidential portrait in 24 inch tall letters is, “IT’S ALL HIS FAULT.” Buckwheat Rodriguez, head […]

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