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Mitt Romney Changes Name to “Pancho” Romney

LOS ANGELES  (The Nedelman Report) The Latino vote poll numbers are not in yet for “Pancho” Romney, but they have been running roughly two to one against Mitt Romney. “Mitt Romney” was his previous name before legally changing it to “Pancho Romney” this morning. Pancho Romney dismissed accusations that he changed his name from Mitt […]

New Romney Mutation Discovered

The Infectious Disease Department (IDD) of the National Political Health Service has confirmed that in the last 24 hours Mitt Romney has mutated, yet again, but concedes that a cure is still out of reach. The IDD disclosed that at least one strain of ultra-fast mutating Mitt Romney virus, out of eighty-two confirmed mutated strains […]

Is Mitt Romney Morally Comprimised?

Mitt Romney’s political and social positions litter the path to his Republican presidential nomination like so many rusted-out junkers abandoned in the desert. In all fairness, though, bible-thumping, faith-based political action committees and Tea Party conservatives on a high moral-fiber diet always knew that, but went with the clearly duplicitous Mr. Romney, anyway. High moral […]

Romney: 47% of Americans are Parasites

Mitt Romney wowed an audience of wealthy Republican donors at a May fundraiser with the inclusive, heart-warming message that forty-seven percent of Americans are worthless parasites lacking in self-respect. It’s refreshing to see that Romney sends the same message to all audiences. Romney tendered his heartfelt message by acknowledging Americans need to pull together to […]

Can Romney & Ryan Pass the Farmer Test?

I grew up in Ohio in the 1950’s and 60’s when truth-telling and a man’s word were thought to be reflections of the man, himself. It was a time when a person’s reputation for honest dealing was always a work in progress, a thing of great value. On a farm outside a small Ohio town […]

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