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Mitch McConnell Made Honorary Galapagos Tortoise

GALAPAGOS ISLANDS   (The Nedelman Report)  Senate Republican minority leader, Mitch McConnell, has been named an honorary Galapagos tortoise by the president of the World Turtle Society, Sir Ian Cooter.  Sir Ian noted in his announcement: “In word and deed Mitch McConnell has earned our admiration and this award for his steadfast turtle  qualities: he’s like […]

Ryan Channels Ayn Rand On the Poor for 2016

WASHINGTON  (The Nedelman Report)   Senator Paul Ryan further distanced himself from his losing-big running mate, Mitt Romney, by declaring he was now proposing a new federal program for special education called the “Washington Center for the Forty-Seven Percent Who Can’t Read Too Good and  Don’t Really Want to Learn Much.” Ryan announced his new assault […]

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