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Bachmann Not Running – Collective IQ of Congress Projected to Rise

WASHINGTON (Nedelman Report) Demonstrating her consistent inconsistency, after running TV ads this month for her re-election to Congress in 2014, Tea Party darling, Michele Bachmann, announced that she is not running for re-election. Actuarial social scientists at the ultra-right-wing Heritage Foundation ruefully admitted that they calculate the collective IQ of Congress will rise by 3.43 […]

Rand Paul Polls Higher Than God with Tea Party Evangelicals

Televangelists and evangelical Christian ministers nationwide were stunned with the results of a recent Gallop poll in which Tea Party favorite Rand Paul polled higher than God in likability by 96.7% to 72.4%. This is well within Gallop’s margin of error of + or – 32% for their poll results. The polling sample was limited […]

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