Trump Extends Credit to Mexico for Great Wall

WASHINGTON — (The Nedelman Report) During the campaign, President-elect Donald Trump promised “We will build a great wall along the southern border. And Mexico will pay for the wall. One hundred percent.” Former Mexican President, Vincente Fox, responded politely to Trump’s proposal with, “We’re not paying for that fucking wall.” Today, as reported by POLITICO, […]

Trump: President and Sexual Predator Commander in Chief

We have an admission and “braggadocio” from Trump on tape, in 2005, wherein he claims that his star status allows him to grope women’s genitalia without their consent, or even their knowledge he’s going to do it. What a manly, impulsive fellow we have running for President. Judging from Trump’s support, these qualities appeal to […]

Trump’s VP Choices – Damaged Goods, But Serviceable?

At the beginning of the GOP primary season, no one seriously believed that a blow-hard billionaire who looks like he grows genetically modified corn silk on his head would be picking a Vice-Presidential nominee. Only my schizophrenic astrologer told me this was going to happen, so eat your heart out, David Brooks and Charles Krauthammer […]

Christianity Is New Law of Texas

In a drastic cost-cutting move, Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, declared that Texas doesn’t need any law other than what good Christians think. His first act under OCL (Old Christian Law) was to ban gay marriage in Texas after a federal judge struck down a Texas gay marriage ban in February of 2014, subject to […]

Kansas Gov. Reinstates Gay-Bashing

Kansas Republican Governor, Sam Brownback, wins the coveted Nedelman Report SHIFFERBRAINS  AWARD  (say “shifferbrains” quickly three times). The governor issued a warning to the LGBT community ( lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgendered) that they should not expect to be treated in their Kansas state jobs with the same respect,  rights, or fairness of straight state job […]

Republican Terrible Two’s

WASHINGTON  (Nedelman Report) — Eighty house Republicans simultaneously suffered a bout of the “terrible two’s” and requested John Boehner shut down the government instead of having Obamacare implementation proceed as voted upon and approved by Congress. The “terrible two’s” is a mental condition many two-year olds suffer, characterized by fits of intractable anger, rage, inconsolable […]

The Stinkin’ GOP Treasure of Sierra Tawdry

BOSTON (Nedelman Report) –Chairman of the Republican National Convention, Reince Priebus, declared that the RNC decided to severely punish NBC News and CNN for daring to make and release movie biographies in 2015 about Hillary Clinton, a potential 2016 Democratic Presidential challenger. It makes no difference to the RNC that NBC Entertainment, not NBC News […]

Republican Mourdock: ‘Rape is Something God Intended’

Richard Mourdock wins coveted Nedelman Report Shifferbrains Award Richard Mourdock, Indiana Republican candidate and Tea Party favorite for Senate, wins the coveted Nedelman Report Shifferbrains Award for his statement made yesterday: “…I came to realize that life is that gift from God and I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape […]

Mitt Romney Changes Name to “Pancho” Romney

LOS ANGELES  (The Nedelman Report) The Latino vote poll numbers are not in yet for “Pancho” Romney, but they have been running roughly two to one against Mitt Romney. “Mitt Romney” was his previous name before legally changing it to “Pancho Romney” this morning. Pancho Romney dismissed accusations that he changed his name from Mitt […]

New Romney Mutation Discovered

The Infectious Disease Department (IDD) of the National Political Health Service has confirmed that in the last 24 hours Mitt Romney has mutated, yet again, but concedes that a cure is still out of reach. The IDD disclosed that at least one strain of ultra-fast mutating Mitt Romney virus, out of eighty-two confirmed mutated strains […]

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