Cruz and Fiorina Play “Thelma and Louise” for Real

Cruz & Fiorina Do a Thelma and Louise for the Final Primaries

Cruz & Fiorina Do a Thelma and Louise for the Final Primaries

I love the ending of Ridley Scott’s movie, Thelma and Louise, where they drive off a cliff together after exhausting all their options to stay clear of the law. And now I get to see two of the most hated politicians do it in real life, thanks to the evangelical Christian huckster cum laude and presidential candidate from Texas, Ted Cruz, strapping Carly Fiorina in and driving off a cliff at the end of his campaign after running afoul of the law of  rational probabilities.

Cruz & Fiorina, Republican Charm School Graduates

Cruz & Fiorina, Republican Charm School Graduates

Cruz’s main problem was that outside of knee-jerk, rabid evangelical Christians, not many people could stomach him. And Ted Cruz is not the kind of guy who wants to be alone when he crashes and burns.

Raving narcissists and those lacking  integrity will always try to take someone with them when they go.  What is surprising is that Fiorina is a willing passenger in Cruz’s  suicide vehicle disguised as a last-ditch effort. Now I understand how her limited thinking damaged HP when she was in charge.

Thelma and Louise driving off the cliff into the Grand Canyon to end their lives was a mesmerizing and sad moment. Cruz and Fiorina driving off the cliff to end their political aspirations is quite a jubilant affair and one to be celebrated. John Boehner, in recent remarks, put it this way:

“I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life.”

Ahhh, payback is a bitch and Boehner has waited a long time for this moment. It couldn’t come at a worse time for his arch-nemesis, Cruz.

After five – count em’, five! – crushing primary defeats in the Northeast, a frenzied Cruz scrambled to embrace Carly Fiorina by naming her his vice-presidential  choice. A rare occurrence for someone who hasn’t even won the presidential nomination.  I thought Ted Cruz would leave the campaign making excuses as he always has for his reprehensible behavior in Congress, on the campaign trail, and his blistering losses.

Cruz’s history of double-dealing and back-biting garnered him near zero endorsements from Republican House and Senate members.  Obviously, a sorry state for someone who claims to be in direct communication with Jesus Christ and the person to lead this country.

So rejoice at Cruz and Fiorina pulling a Thelma and Louise for their finale — we’re dodging one of two Republican bullets. I always thought Cruz would leave the campaign in desperation, but not as a desperate, simple fool.

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