GOP: We Don’ Need No Stinkin’ New Mexican-American Citizens


Republican Congressman Bob Goodlatte stops path to citizenship

WASHINGTON, DC  (Nedelman Report) — House GOP obstructionists embraced their new slogan of the week, “We Don’ Need No Stinkin’ New Mexican-American Citizens.” House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., rejected President Obama’s Path to Citizenship proposals as outlined in the Senate version of the immigration reform bill.

Yesterday, the Nedelman Report disclosed that movie buffs on the RNC committee said that famous “We don’ need no stinkin’ badges” bandito line from the 1948 movie, Treasure of Sierra Madre, reminded them very much of their Republican obstructionist record for the last six years in Congress, and voted to formally change the RNC motto to: “We Don’ Need No Stinkin’ (fill in the blank).” Goodlatte commented further:

“This is our first use of the new Republican slogan, “We Don’ Need No Stinkin’ ______” and I’m proud to be filling in the blank with, ‘New Mexican-American Citizens.’ The last thing Republicans want or need are more minority voters. We’re scared absolutely shitless about us whites not being a majority and we’re doing all we can to stop minorities from voting, as it is, with new voter laws designed to cut down on the number of minorities who can vote. Regardless if offering a path to citizenship is the proper and objectively rational thing to do, it’s not going to happen as along as us good right-wing evangelical Christian Republicans control the House.”

Reince Priebus, chairman of the RNC, mirrored Goodlatte’s choice to block the Path to Citizenship provisions of immigration reform.

“Our new  interactive slogan goes with everything we stand for. Our ultra-right-wing evangelical Christian Tea Party base can fill in blank with whatever they don’t like on general and biblical principles, like Goodlatte’s ‘We Don’ Need No Stinkin’ New Mexican-American Citizens.’ Or  immigration reform, or gay rights, or the First Amendment, women’s rights, evolution taught in science classes, movies about Hillary Clinton before the election, Obamacare, Obama,  minority voting rights, National Public Radio, Obama appointed Federal judges, heads of federally mandated departments, food stamps, jobs, or even a free press.”

As has often been noted where evangelical Christian faith-based political action committees have taken control of the Republican nominating processes, ultra-right-wing Christian  Republican congressmen are quick to point out that their faith informs their congressional positions and voting. Goodlatte is not strictly an evangelical Christian, but a Christian Scientist, their beliefs mirroring some of the early Gnostic Christian’s beliefs, such as: 1) matter is mortal error,  and 2) Spirit is immortal Truth. If holding to his stated religious doctrines, Goodlatte also believes that spiritual reality is the only reality and the material world is an illusion.

While Christian Republicans may believe spirit is immortal, it appears that finding objective and rational truth in their spirit, or compassion and generosity, seems to be an elusive enterprise at best.

As we have seen so many Republican congressmen who flout the First Amendment’s separation of church and state to promote their religious beliefs, the question Goodlatte and no Republican has satisfactorily answered to date is, “Do you think the eleven million Mexican-Americans in this country desiring citizenship – who aren’t going anywhere – are an illusion?”

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