Kansas Gov. Reinstates Gay-Bashing

Kansas Republican Governor Sam Brownback

Kansas Republican Governor Sam Brownback

Kansas Republican Governor, Sam Brownback, wins the coveted Nedelman Report SHIFFERBRAINS  AWARD  (say “shifferbrains” quickly three times).

The governor issued a warning to the LGBT community ( lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgendered) that they should not expect to be treated in their Kansas state jobs with the same respect,  rights, or fairness of straight state job holders and applicants, especially Gov. Brownback’s socially regressive Republican state elected officials, appointments, and cohorts.

Governor Brownback explained his decision to withdraw the 2007 ban on LGBT discrimination in the Kansas state job market as follows:

“Our reasoning is clear. Other people’s genitals, especially what they do with them in the privacy of their homes, has always been an important issue to us evangelical Christian Republicans.  Our decision to withdraw legal discriminatory safeguards for the LGBT community in state hiring and job security is part of our ongoing drive to return Kansas to its 15th century socially conservative roots and pure state when only prairie dogs and Indians were here. Praise Jesus!”

After saying that the previous governor, Democrat Kathleen Sebelius, had no right in 2007 to unilaterally issue an executive order extending state discrimination safeguards to the LGBT community without legislative approval, Brownback pulled a unilateral, himself, and unilaterally issued a new executive order, unilaterally reaffirming the state’s commitment to prohibit discrimination based on race, color, ethnicity, national origin, gender or religion, but not to unilaterally banning discrimination for sexual orientation or gender identity. Apparently, not all unilateral executive orders are unilaterally equal.

Governor Brownback further demonstrated his commitment to socially conservative religious causes by further sabotaging federal Constitutional First Amendment safeguards of separation of church and state in Kansas:

“The good people of Kansas will not oppose me when I double down and issue my new executive order withdrawing discrimination protection for witches, sorcerers, shamans, wizards, soothsayers, and demons. Praise Jesus! We good Republicans are thinking very hard – and it hurts like the blazes – about what to do with non-Christians, too, because we just know something is not right about them.  I don’t need an executive order to fire all atheists from state jobs, right now, because we’re sick and tired of them fouling state workplaces with their objectively rational thinking and their ungodly tolerance of the LGBT community. Oh, an’ no way in hell are we going to hire Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris if they apply for a state job in Kansas. Praise Jesus!”

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