Republican Mourdock: ‘Rape is Something God Intended’

Richard Mourdock wins coveted Nedelman Report Shifferbrains Award

Richard Mourdock wins coveted Shifferbrains Award
photo credit: AP / Michael Conroy

Richard Mourdock, Indiana Republican candidate and Tea Party favorite for Senate, wins the coveted Nedelman Report Shifferbrains Award for his statement made yesterday:

“…I came to realize that life is that gift from God and I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape that it is something God intended to happen.”

Mitt Romney, launching statewide ads on Monday endorsing Mourdock, had to turn around and disavow Mourdock’s statement of belief that God intends rape.

“I have to change my previous position that “God intends rape” that I held during the primaries when I needed every vote possible from fundamentalist Christian theological knuckle-draggers and whacko Tea Partiers. With all due respect to the Catholic Church which dictates that God demands raped women, married or not, have the unwanted children of the men who raped them, now I desperately need the women’s vote.

So, my new position for this week is God does not intend for anyone to be raped who is not really asking for it. If that wasn’t the case, obviously women wouldn’t be raped. Besides, women who are raped are just some of the 47% of feckless American moochers and whiners I talked about before; I have binders full of them.”

The Shifferbrain Award is awarded for those who believe, say, or do things so egregiously stupid that one can only conclude they have shifferbraines, as the intellectually and theologically handicapped Richard Mourdock clearly demonstrates. Another Shifferbrain award winner is Mitt Romney, who as a practicing Mormon, believes the Mormon church’s doctrine that American Indians are descended from one of the lost tribes of Israel, not, as DNA analysis as proven, from Asian ancestry. Has anyone ever heard of an Indian called Running Bear Goldstein?

The question to be answered is, would any thinking person really want to entrust United States nuclear missile strike codes to someone who believes such striking nonsense about American Indians being the long lost Jews from Israel? George W. Bush said that God told him to “strike Saddam” and one can easily see how that evangelical Christian inspired religious nonsense resulted in ten years of unnecessary war in Iraq. Are voters ready to give Shifferbrains the caliber of Richard Mourdock and Mitt Romney, with heads full of irrational theological nonsense, a chance to pass laws, send Americans to war, and direct the future course of the United States of America?

Oh, dear sweet Jesus, please say it isn’t so.


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