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Welcome to the Nedelman Report Forums.

The Forum is new and open to all.  There are a few rules to follow:

  • don’t call people names, but you’re welcome to think them
  • don’t make ad hominem attacks, like calling someone stupid … even if they demonstrate they clearly are
  • don’t make religious, ethnic, or racial slurs, or go on intolerant religious rants

That being said, you can say what is true, say, regardless of religion. For example, you could say:

  1. Most terrorists in the world, today, are Muslim and religiously motivated, or,
  2. The terror, torture, and murder of the Inquisition was carried out by religiously motivated Roman Catholic clergy with the blessing of the Popes for almost 800 years, ending around 1870 (officially later), or,
  3. The Book of Mormon describes early “dark-skinned” native Americans as Lamanites, descendants of Laman and Lemuel, two rebellious Jewish brothers of a family of Israelites who crossed the ocean in a boat around 600 BC.[1]

These are truths or historical facts (not that American Indians are descended from Jews, only that Mormons believe this craziness) and are fair use in a discussion. As a side note, a fair and legitimate question to be discussed might be,

“Would you feel comfortable giving US nuclear launch codes to anyone who actually believes American Indians are descended from Jews who came to North America around 600 BC?”

I will pick some topics, starting out. In fact, let’s make the question the first topic since evangelical Christians have clearly made religion, a person’s faith, a central issue in this upcoming election. Pandering to faith-based political action committees, numerous candidates have acted the toady in acquiescing to blatant and egregious violations of First Amendment principals, the unequivocal separation of church and state. Therefore, what a candidate believes, their rational state of mind, and their allegiances, is germane to this election and open to serious question.

Feel free to email any topic you would like to include in the Forums and I’ll consider it for inclusion. If it is not included, it simply may be that I don’t have the time to moderate another forum topic.

Bart Nedelman



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