Romney Dines with 47% at White House

Romney eats lunch with 47% at White House

WASHINGTON  (The Nedelman Report)   In an unprecedented display of goodwill, Mitt Romney had lunch with one of the 47% of Americans he said were the takers, moochers, and parasites in our society.

Upon arriving at the White House, Mitt Romney requested that President Obama confirm in writing that he would not be charged for his portion of the lunch, and then in a gesture of friendship,  offered to fire the White House kitchen staff and export their jobs to China.

The lunch menu was white turkey chili and Southwestern grilled chicken salad, in deference to Mr. Romney, who said he considered turkey dark meat, as well as anyone darker than himself, part of the 47% Americans who are moochers and takers looking for government freebies. President Obama acknowledged Mitt Romney’s efforts with the following statement:

“I would like to thank governor Romney for continually changing his positions during the primaries and the campaign, and want to acknowledge how much help I received from the governor in convincing voters what an insensitive, unconvincing liar he proved himself to be.”

Romney, inured by his Mormon faith to self-criticism, did not believe his loss was grounded in his peculiar chameleon, but lackluster personality, his stunningly changeable positions, or his being caught in so many disingenuous lies. Instead, Romney graciously told his supporters that he blamed President Obama for bribing 47% of Americans and, per his Mormon faith, the God-cursed dark-skinned children of Ham, with government handouts to vote for him

After lunch Mitt Romney jokingly asked President Obama to see his long form birth certificate. President Obama, in turn, wasn’t joking when he asked Mitt Romney if he was going to repatriate any of the untaxed 100 million dollars Romney stashed in offshore accounts, in order to start businesses in America to put Americans to work.

At the last moment before leaving, Mitt Romney asked President Obama for a copy of the lunch bill as he wanted to claim it as a business expense and take a $2 million deduction off his taxes.



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