Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio has much to sweat about

NEWPORT BEACH (The Nedelman Report) — Marco Rubio has won The Nedelman Report’s annual “Screw-Shoes Award” for the most financially irresponsible politician seeking high public office in 2016.

The editorial board issued the following statement explaining why Marco Rubio deserves the annual Screw-Shoe Award:

“Marco Rubio won the 2016 Screw-Shoe Award because, like previous winners, he’s so crooked he has to screw on his socks and shoes in the morning. We normally award this prize in December of the current year for questionable or fraudulent acts relating to  public fiscal irresponsibility. We decided to award Rubio nine months early for the claims Marco Rubio made leading up to his Iowa primary 3rd place finish. Clearly Rubio demonstrates a complete disregard for the truth relating to public money that passed through his hands, our primary criteria for this award. Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton weren’t even close, although both do surpass Rubio in overall general shiftiness.”

Despite Rubio being unable to manage or keep his personal and business finances separate, Rubio made numerous claims of being able to balance the federal budget, a notoriously difficult enterprise, at best, especially made more difficult by proposing to follow Bush policies of starting superfluous wars and lowering taxes for the wealthiest in order to make the struggling middle class pay for them.

While speaker of the Florida House of Representatives between 2005 and 2008, “Marco Sticky Fingers,” as Florida political insiders with mob connections refer to him, commingled a great deal of personal and business expenses on his Republican Party of Florida American Express card. The Tampa Bay Times reported in 2010 that of the $100,000 Rubio put on the GOP (official business only) Amex card, much was used for personal expenses — wine, his family minivan repairs, extravagant dinners, and $6,773 charged for a Rubio family reunion at a resort.”

Salon’s political writer, Simon Maloy, states that portraying Rubio as “bad with his finances” just gives him a chance to claim that he is like everyone else. Maloy further cogently observed:

“The damning part of all this is that he abused resources made available to him as Speaker,” says Maloy. “I’m not especially bothered that Rubio can’t balance his checkbook, but I do care that he’s a corruptible sneak.”

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