Rush Limbaugh Wins First Shifferbrains Award

Rush Limbaugh - small mind, large mouth

I am proud to announce the winner of the first Shifferbrains Award is going to Rush Limbaugh for his conduct and comments about Sandra Fluke on his radio show last week (click link to see short broadcast).

Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown Law student, gave testimony before a congressional committee in support of universal insurance coverage for contraception due to the high costs of contraception to students without insurance coverage.

Limbaugh outdid even his usual histrionic self and lashed out, calling Ms. Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute.”

Limbaugh believes one pill is required per copulation?

Limbaugh further stated that Ms. Fluke said that “she must be paid to have sex.” Then Limbaugh sailed past the outer limits of a sane and civil public discourse and proceeded to add that “she’s having so much sex she can’t afford the contraception.” One must surmise that Limbaugh believes a birth control pill is required per each copulation to prevent pregnancy.  Later, sailing even further, Limbaugh suggested that in exchange for women receiving “free condoms and lube,” woman post videos on-line of themselves having sex.

Apparently, imagined sexual activity on the part of others stimulates Rush Limbaugh to excess, prompting him to inappropriately verbalize the visions of sexual gargoyles  cavorting about in the darkest chambers of his imagination.

The Gargoyles of Limbaugh’s Mind

Rush Limbaugh chose to mount an unjustified and vicious personal attack on Ms. Fluke instead of rationally discussing the issues. Obviously, Limbaugh is too dense to understand is that the monthly cost of contraceptives relates to the time or period of coverage, not to the amount of sexual activity occurring during the period of coverage. Breaking it down to even smaller units for Limbaugh, should he read this article, one contraceptive pill covers any amount of sexual activity in a twenty-four period; even thinking about sex is covered, Mr. Limbaugh.

The cost of the coverage is not based upon quantity, nor even quality of sex, but simply the cost of one pill. Therefore, Limbaugh may rest easy with the cost aspect of contraception: it is the same for a hundred year old great-great-grandmother as it is for the most pliant nymphomaniac of his dreams. I sincerely hope, for Limbaugh’s sake, I am referring to different women, but considering his conjuring up out of a vaporous nullity his preoccupation with Ms. Flukes sexual activity, that is not a given.

Upon closer examination of Limbaugh’s superlative line of deduction and taking it to its logical extreme, while still recognizing his preoccupation with Ms. Fluke’s non-existent pecuniary sexual implications of contraception, perhaps if the cost of contraception had some bearing on quantity or quality of sex, Limbaugh might consider doing an about face and insist his personal health insurance cover it.

Although one may place limits on what one considers the extremes of rational behavior before veering into the irrational void, Limbaugh comments about Sandra Fluke demonstrates his limits are, indeed, far beyond the pale. In addition to his febrile, sex-laden ranting about Ms. Fluke’s character, Limbaugh then pushed the limits of his meretricious claims by further stating that taxpayers, you and I, paying Fluke to have sex therefore “makes us her “pimps,” as well. Obviously, Mr. Limbaugh has made us aware that he has some ‘issues,” but nonetheless deserves a full measure of public ridicule and obloquy he has earned.

Limbaugh Wins the First Shifferbrains Award

In view of Limbaugh’s maniacal, libelous ravings, I am awarding him the “Shifferbrains Award” he most assuredly deserves. As this is the first ever awarded, I’ll review the criteria with you.

What qualifies one as a “shifferbrain,” (say it quickly), deserving of a Shifferbrains Award, is simply doing or saying something so outrageously or egregiously irresponsible, inane, stupid, hate-mongering, deceitful, immoral, or dishonest that most people, even those with only the barest trace of rudimentary conscience or sense of fair play, will either recoil at the wickedness of the act or laugh out loud at the unalloyed absurdity of it.

Rush Limbaugh has earned a Shifferbrains Award on all counts.

To the sponsors of Rush Limbaugh’s radio program, I ask this question: do you want a man of this character, vitriol, and irrational proclivities representing your company? If so, what does this say about you and your company?


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