Donald Trump: Destroying American Exceptionalism Photo credit: - edited

Donald Trump destroys American Exceptionalism Photo credit: – edited

Super Tuesday was certainly super for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, living proof of American Exceptionalism having a bad day. Is America exceptional or what!

But America did not treat exceptionally well two first-generation Americans of Cuban extraction, Rafael Cruz and Marco Rubio, or the back-woodsy social democrat, Bernie Sanders. Evangelicals (gels) and black voters treated them exceptionally poorly.

How could such a travesty of reason happen in a country chosen by God to lead the world in gratuitous military actions, an unquenchable thirst for Chinese-made clothing and chachkas, and evangelical Christian megachurches glorifying God to the fullest with edifices looking much like insurance company lobbies. Anyone with a Bible and an ounce of American Exceptionalism rumbling about their brains or bowels will tell you this is all part of God’s plan.

Here’s how America exceptionally screwed up on Super Tuesday, the Nedelman Report short version.

Hillary Clinton - bought and paid for.

Hillary Clinton – bought and paid for. Photo credit:

Hillary’s win – an ongoing con-job: After Hillary put $675,000 into her pocket from banking giant, Goldman-Sachs, and they in turn put Hillary into their pocket, Blacks continue to maintain that Hillary is their best white friend and overwhelmingly voted for her. That’s called cognitive dissonance and proof that black people’s memories are every bit as short as those of white people.

Bill Clinton’s 1994 “The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act” put more blacks behind bars than any law since the end of the Civil War. These are Hillary’s words on the law:

“They are not just gangs of kids anymore. They are often the kinds of kids that are called ‘super-predators.’ No conscience, no empathy. We can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heel…”

—Hillary Clinton 1996

Bring them to heel? Like dogs? Sounds like a line from a Victorian novel where English colonial overlords flog the local natives into submission. That racist tidbit would certainly get my vote if I was black.

There has been no legislation from the either Clinton protecting black/minority rights from right-wing evangelical Christian Republican legislation designed to limit voting – requiring voter ID while closing down DMV locations in black areas, limiting write-in ballots, placing local restrictions on college-age voters, and shortening voter registrations times.

Blacks can’t support their arch-enemy, the Republicans, so they supported Clinton against Bernie Sanders, who actually marched with Martin Luther King and has ideas to economically enhance both the black and white middle class and poor. Super Tuesday was a WTF moment of black American exceptionalism, to be sure, as is supporting a Wall Street banker’s delight, Hillary Clinton — an exceptionally stupid thing to do with respect to their core interests.

Trump’s win – fifty years in the making. Prior to 1965, northern Democrats ignored the southern white racist architecture in the South, and in turn, the South, with its roots in labor – cloth mills, mining, and manufacturing – remained Democratic with segregation and separate drinking fountains for blacks. Conservative, racist southern Dems viewed the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1965 as a betrayal by northern Dems, and like Strom Thurmond, switched to the Republican party over the next twenty years. That’s why a streak of racism still remains at the core of the solid Republican South.

To do an end run on the Civil Rights Act’s mandated integration, southern white gels, mainly Southern Baptists, started the private faith-based school system where nary a white child would school with a black child. The evangelical Christian ministers certainly loved this racist Republican idea and became powerful in their mutual support. The southern evanglical churches, in turn, created faith-based political action committees supportive of conservative Repubs — all the while flogging their white students with biblical prophecy, creationism, and other anti-science lunacy for fifty years.

The result? The obstructionist gel-laden Tea Party was one goofy, sorry result, among many, that the Civil Rights Act gave birth to. Manic anti-science, pro-creationist, anti-intellectual, and anti-abortion Republicans reveling in their irrational goofiness is another.

Unfortunately, Republicans and their right-wing evangelical, faith-based PAC supporters — think Moral Majority and the like — made economic and social promises for the past forty years that they couldn’t keep to their rank and file — the reactionary, goose-stepping, gun-toting, sparkle-eyed but thinking-impaired base — mainly evangelical Christians, racists, bigots, and sundry white supremacist groups — say, about 25% of America. Sad, but true.

For example, when Republicans started an expensive war in Iraq and lowered taxes for the wealthiest at the same time, who does that leave to pay for the war? If you’re slow on the uptake, it’s the middle class. Who dies in such a war? Mainly middle-class and poor American evangelicals, plus hundreds of thousands of Iraqi’s. I won’t even go into the unrest and warfare in the rest of the Middle East that resulted.

And when the 2008 economic meltdown occurred, we witnessed American Exceptionalism at its best — America’s corporate CEOs, our ruggedly independent bastions of capitalism, begging senate committees for the government to bail them out and take them under the government’s protective wing. How’s that for a dose of socialism… well, socialism and lowered taxes for the wealthy; the rest of the middle class and poor just had to fend for themselves and lost their homes, jobs, insurance, small businesses, and retirement, and now have had to pay for corporate America’s mistakes and outright fraud while the corporate socialist elite moved their money offshore. This is called trickle-down banana Republic economics.

So now the gels, the poor dupes, are pissed-off to the gills – enter Trump, the anti-establishment, anti-minority, no-experience, American Exceptionalist candidate extraordinaire, feeling their pain and giving voice to their frustrations over decades of broken promises made by right-wing whack-job politicians and their power-hungry support staff – evangelical Christian ministers.  Never have more angry, gullible, thinking-challenged, scripture-spouting, faith-based diseducated Americans showed up at the voting booths in such numbers.

Super Tuesday was not one of America’s finer hours to be sure, but certainly one more proof of American Exceptionalism at its worst. What country but America could go this exceptionally loony with candidates this exceptionally ill-tempered, ill-qualified, and ill-suited to meet America’s needs?

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