GOP Creates Massive Straw Shortage

WASHINGTON – (Nedelman Report)  GOP critics of Obamacare vehemently denied that their grasping at straws to explain away the success of the final Obamacare sign-up numbers has created a nationwide straw shortage – 7.1  million sign-ups on the Federal exchange and an additional 2.5 million on state sponsored exchanges . Peggy Noonan of the Wall […]

Romney Has Sex-Change Operation

In an effort to reverse disastrous poll numbers among women voters, Mitt Romney had a sex-change operation on Saturday, thereby making her the first woman presidential candidate. “Since becoming a woman,” Romney says, “I have become a softer, gentler candidate.” She also legally changed her name from Mitt to “Mittens.” Mittens emerged from the Beverly […]

Shylock Was a Lightweight Compared to Chief Justice Roberts

So, you have a problem with the government requiring you to buy or to pay for your healthcare insurance. I don’t blame you if you’ve believed all the demented hype about the Affordable Care Act being a Obama-Marxist plot. This is particularly true if you have not taken the time to think it through, as […]

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