Romney’s Two Job Creation Successes

Mitt Romney hammers voters with his story that while CEO’ing Bain Capital, he helped create thousands of jobs by providing financing and venture capital. The sad truth is, if you asked Mitt Romney for a tissue, he would later proclaim that not only did he help you blow your nose, but also that he put […]

Romney Has Sex-Change Operation

In an effort to reverse disastrous poll numbers among women voters, Mitt Romney had a sex-change operation on Saturday, thereby making her the first woman presidential candidate. “Since becoming a woman,” Romney says, “I have become a softer, gentler candidate.” She also legally changed her name from Mitt to “Mittens.” Mittens emerged from the Beverly […]

Can Romney & Ryan Pass the Farmer Test?

I grew up in Ohio in the 1950’s and 60’s when truth-telling and a man’s word were thought to be reflections of the man, himself. It was a time when a person’s reputation for honest dealing was always a work in progress, a thing of great value. On a farm outside a small Ohio town […]

Why Romney Can’t Release His Tax Returns and Win

NEWPORT BEACH, CA  (The Nedelman Report) If Mitt Romney doesn’t release his tax returns before the November election, he’s toast. If Romney does release his tax returns, he’s burnt toast. Romney clearly expresses himself in all his communications when asked to release his tax returns. Imagine a spoiled, six year old child, accustomed to getting […]

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