Sara Palin’s Secret Plan to Run for President

WASHINGTON (The Nedelman Report) It is reported that there is a plan to secretly train Sara Palin to speak in complete sentences in preparation for a 2016 presidential run. The Center for Republican Apologist Propaganda (CRAP), the fantasy wing of American Crossroads, the Republican Super PAC headed by Karl Rove, has finally completed their in […]

Romney Loses, Moves Money Offshore

BOSTON (The Nedelman Report) — Mitt Romney, decisively losing the presidency, gave his moral a boost by moving the rest of his money and holdings offshore into secret, non-taxable bank accounts in Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein. Romney offered the following reasons for moving his U.S. holdings to secret foreign depositories: “Some people […]

Romney: Hurricane Sandy is a Failure of Obama Leadership

ATLANTIC CITY (Nedelman Report) — In a campaign stop in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Mitt Romney criticized President Obama for his failure of leadership for allowing hurricane Sandy to reach North America. While lashing out at President Obama, Romney also lashed himself to a telephone pole in the 145 mile an hour winds and delivered […]

Drug Cartels Join Republicans to Fight Obamacare

WASHINGTON, DC  (The Nedelman Report) In a show of solidarity, drug cartels have joined congressional Republicans and Mitt Romney in fighting President Obama’s signature piece of legislation, the  Affordable Care Act, derisively nicknamed Obamacare by congressional Republicans. Buckwheat Rodriguez, South Carolina-born leader of the dreaded Mexican Buckwheat drug cartel, called for unity with congressional Republicans […]

Palin Challenges Obama to a “Duel of Wits” Debate… with an Unloaded Weapon

The ever frisky Sarah Palin took issue with her images and words appearing  in an election ad for Obama, which effectively asks, “Are You Tired of Far Right Loonies, Tea Partiers, and Whack-Jobs?” Later, continuing in her unremitting battle with sadomasochism, Palin challenged President Obama to a one-on-one duel of wits in a debate. A […]

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