Ryan Channels Ayn Rand On the Poor for 2016

WASHINGTON  (The Nedelman Report)   Senator Paul Ryan further distanced himself from his losing-big running mate, Mitt Romney, by declaring he was now proposing a new federal program for special education called the “Washington Center for the Forty-Seven Percent Who Can’t Read Too Good and  Don’t Really Want to Learn Much.” Ryan announced his new assault […]

Romney Loses, Moves Money Offshore

BOSTON (The Nedelman Report) — Mitt Romney, decisively losing the presidency, gave his moral a boost by moving the rest of his money and holdings offshore into secret, non-taxable bank accounts in Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein. Romney offered the following reasons for moving his U.S. holdings to secret foreign depositories: “Some people […]

Romney Has Sex-Change Operation

In an effort to reverse disastrous poll numbers among women voters, Mitt Romney had a sex-change operation on Saturday, thereby making her the first woman presidential candidate. “Since becoming a woman,” Romney says, “I have become a softer, gentler candidate.” She also legally changed her name from Mitt to “Mittens.” Mittens emerged from the Beverly […]

Can Romney & Ryan Pass the Farmer Test?

I grew up in Ohio in the 1950’s and 60’s when truth-telling and a man’s word were thought to be reflections of the man, himself. It was a time when a person’s reputation for honest dealing was always a work in progress, a thing of great value. On a farm outside a small Ohio town […]

Paul Ryan’s Marvelously Orwellian RNC Speech

Last night I was mesmerized by Paul Ryan’s Orwellian VP acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention (RNC). It was as if Paul Ryan appeared in drag doing a febrile imitation Ayn Rand in a bizarre movie remake of George Orwell’s 1984. An absolutely bizarre Ryan performance from so many perspectives. In his novel, 1984, […]

Ryan Introduces GOP’s “Let Them Eat Cake” Budget

Congressman Paul Ryan introduced the GOP’s new “Path to Prosperity” budget, which Republican insiders laughingly call the “Let Them Eat Cake” budget, named after the famous Marie Antoinette quote when she was told the peasants were hungry and had no bread. Ryan was asked about the effect of his budget on middle and lower classes […]

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