GOP: We Don’ Need No Stinkin’ New Mexican-American Citizens

WASHINGTON, DC  (Nedelman Report) — House GOP obstructionists embraced their new slogan of the week, “We Don’ Need No Stinkin’ New Mexican-American Citizens.” House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., rejected President Obama’s Path to Citizenship proposals as outlined in the Senate version of the immigration reform bill. Yesterday, the Nedelman Report disclosed that movie […]

The Stinkin’ GOP Treasure of Sierra Tawdry

BOSTON (Nedelman Report) –Chairman of the Republican National Convention, Reince Priebus, declared that the RNC decided to severely punish NBC News and CNN for daring to make and release movie biographies in 2015 about Hillary Clinton, a potential 2016 Democratic Presidential challenger. It makes no difference to the RNC that NBC Entertainment, not NBC News […]

Republican Introspection and Other Laughs

CHARLOTTE, NC (Nedelman Report)  The Republican National Committee (RNC) is currently gathered in Charlotte to do a poste mortem on the disastrous Republican fall election campaign.  To underscore the seriousness of their desire to see what went so wrong, all RNC attendees are required to wear thick-lensed Groucho Marx glasses with attached rubber nose. RNC […]

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