Blue States Secede from the United States

NEWPORT BEACH, California   (The Nedelman Report) — Many wealthy Republican residents of Newport Beach are in a quandary about what to do after California announced this morning that it was seceding from the United States of America effective at midnight, November 5th. Regardless of who wins the presidency, California will not be in the Union, […]

Santorum “N” Words President Obama

Janesville, Wisconsin — “Ni…” may be a joke Mel Brooks pulls off in his movie, “Blazing Saddles,” seeming to catch himself mid-word referring to the new, black sheriff standing within earshot. “Nig…” is definitely not a joke when Rick Santorum uses the word to denegrate President Obama in a campaign speech on Tuesday in Wisconsin. […]

Palin Challenges Obama to a “Duel of Wits” Debate… with an Unloaded Weapon

The ever frisky Sarah Palin took issue with her images and words appearing  in an election ad for Obama, which effectively asks, “Are You Tired of Far Right Loonies, Tea Partiers, and Whack-Jobs?” Later, continuing in her unremitting battle with sadomasochism, Palin challenged President Obama to a one-on-one duel of wits in a debate. A […]

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