Trump’s VP Choices – Damaged Goods, But Serviceable?

At the beginning of the GOP primary season, no one seriously believed that a blow-hard billionaire who looks like he grows genetically modified corn silk on his head would be picking a Vice-Presidential nominee. Only my schizophrenic astrologer told me this was going to happen, so eat your heart out, David Brooks and Charles Krauthammer […]

Christianity Is New Law of Texas

In a drastic cost-cutting move, Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, declared that Texas doesn’t need any law other than what good Christians think. His first act under OCL (Old Christian Law) was to ban gay marriage in Texas after a federal judge struck down a Texas gay marriage ban in February of 2014, subject to […]

Kansas Gov. Reinstates Gay-Bashing

Kansas Republican Governor, Sam Brownback, wins the coveted Nedelman Report SHIFFERBRAINS  AWARD  (say “shifferbrains” quickly three times). The governor issued a warning to the LGBT community ( lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgendered) that they should not expect to be treated in their Kansas state jobs with the same respect,  rights, or fairness of straight state job […]

Rand Paul Polls Higher Than God with Tea Party Evangelicals

Televangelists and evangelical Christian ministers nationwide were stunned with the results of a recent Gallop poll in which Tea Party favorite Rand Paul polled higher than God in likability by 96.7% to 72.4%. This is well within Gallop’s margin of error of + or – 32% for their poll results. The polling sample was limited […]

What Makes a Shifferbrainer a Shifferbrainer

Shifferbrains. Say it quickly, as in, “She acts like she has shifferbrains.” Has a ring to it, does it not? One word can say so much when properly applied. We all know a “shifferbrain” or “shifferbrainer” and we may have deserved the moniker, ourselves, a time or two, but we try not to make a […]

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