The Stinkin’ GOP Treasure of Sierra Tawdry

BOSTON (Nedelman Report) –Chairman of the Republican National Convention, Reince Priebus, declared that the RNC decided to severely punish NBC News and CNN for daring to make and release movie biographies in 2015 about Hillary Clinton, a potential 2016 Democratic Presidential challenger. It makes no difference to the RNC that NBC Entertainment, not NBC News […]

Republican Mourdock: ‘Rape is Something God Intended’

Richard Mourdock wins coveted Nedelman Report Shifferbrains Award Richard Mourdock, Indiana Republican candidate and Tea Party favorite for Senate, wins the coveted Nedelman Report Shifferbrains Award for his statement made yesterday: “…I came to realize that life is that gift from God and I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape […]

New Romney Mutation Discovered

The Infectious Disease Department (IDD) of the National Political Health Service has confirmed that in the last 24 hours Mitt Romney has mutated, yet again, but concedes that a cure is still out of reach. The IDD disclosed that at least one strain of ultra-fast mutating Mitt Romney virus, out of eighty-two confirmed mutated strains […]

Is Mitt Romney Morally Comprimised?

Mitt Romney’s political and social positions litter the path to his Republican presidential nomination like so many rusted-out junkers abandoned in the desert. In all fairness, though, bible-thumping, faith-based political action committees and Tea Party conservatives on a high moral-fiber diet always knew that, but went with the clearly duplicitous Mr. Romney, anyway. High moral […]

Gay Marriage Ban: North Korea Backs North Carolina

PYONGYANG, North Korea The new North Korean Leader, Kim Jong Un, issued a statement in support for North Carolina’s recently passed gay marriage ban. “It is good that two sexually repressed peoples living in countries whose names both start with “North” stand together against enlightened running dog capitalist social thinking. For the first time I […]

North Korean Leader: “Romney Really Frightens Me!”

PYONGYANG, North Korea In a response to letters recently sent to voters by Rick Santorum, stating, “It truly frightens me to think what’ll happen if Romney is the nominee,” the new North Korean Leader, Kim Jong Un, responded in a fit of deja vu with, “It truly frightens me to think what’ll happen if Romney […]

Santorum “N” Words President Obama

Janesville, Wisconsin — “Ni…” may be a joke Mel Brooks pulls off in his movie, “Blazing Saddles,” seeming to catch himself mid-word referring to the new, black sheriff standing within earshot. “Nig…” is definitely not a joke when Rick Santorum uses the word to denegrate President Obama in a campaign speech on Tuesday in Wisconsin. […]

What Makes a Shifferbrainer a Shifferbrainer

Shifferbrains. Say it quickly, as in, “She acts like she has shifferbrains.” Has a ring to it, does it not? One word can say so much when properly applied. We all know a “shifferbrain” or “shifferbrainer” and we may have deserved the moniker, ourselves, a time or two, but we try not to make a […]

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