Marco Rubio, the Hispanic Titanic, will sink. Photo credit: NYDailyNews

Marco Rubio, the Hispanic Titanic, will sink. Photo credit: NYDailyNews

The Hispanic Titanic, Marco Rubio, sailed out of Iowa not far behind Ted Cruz and Donald Trump for a long itinerary of primary stop-overs between now and the Republican convention.

Most of the icebergs in the way of Rubio, like Ben Carson and Jeb Bush, are, as Donald Trump might say, chump-change icebergs, like Rick Perry, the half-pint cowboy in the ten-gallon hat from Texas.

Chris Christie eviscerated Rubio in the most recent debate, causing such panic in the man that Rubio could only revert — four times — to a 25-second soundbite attacking Obama, much like a child’s toy with a stuck on-off button. Rubio may not be swimming with the fishes, but he is doing a fine dog-paddle.

Trump and Ted Cruz, though, are much more formidable and viscous infighters. They will sink Rubio just as surely as the Titanic slipped beneath the waves after striking an iceberg over one hundred years ago.

Oh, how the Republican establishment wants their sparkle-smiled child, Marco Rubio, whom they consider to be their legitimate heir with the purest establishment, 1-percenter neo-con motives to be their presidential candidate.

Rubio sports youthful dark hair, an Hispanic name to attract the Latinos he stopped identifying with so very long ago, and a smile like two rows of Chiclets® set in an otherwise expressionless and pumpkinesque face of surprisingly limited mobility for one so young. Rarely has the Republican establishment embraced someone with a name that ended in a vowel, like Obama, let alone two names so foreign-sounding – Marco Rubio. Desperation is the mother of invention… or is that paranoia?

The Republican establishment certainly didn’t expect the serious challenges of Trump and Cruz, two unruly step-children Republicans inherited by marrying down, wedding their party to a bi-polar, faith-based, histrionic televangelist’s child with a raging xenophobic paranoia complex and delusions of grandeur.

The poor Republican establishment fools nurtured and tried to cage Cruz and Trump, two freakish monstrosities of inbred and overbred American ideals, but they escaped to sink their last, best hope for the Presidency, Marco Rubio — a deeply-flawed but dutiful Republican child dedicated to the quest to govern America by a faith-based plutocracy.

Trump and Cruz, with the help of Christie, will surely sink Rubio’s candidacy, but they won’t stop there; they will eat him alive, nibble by nibble and bit by bit. Trump in his buffoonish, narcissistic style will start in plain view with much fanfare; the more slithery Cruz, though, will begin from the inside, often out of sight – like he did with Ben Carson with false claims of Carson dropping out on the eve of the Iowa caucuses to nab his votes. Cruz played dirty with Trump, too, with a false “official voter violation notification” mailed to Iowa voters telling them they were being watched to see if and who they voted for, with the not-so-nuanced expectation that it would be Cruz.

Rubio will never out-Jesus Ted Cruz, who, for the evangelical vote, skinned Jesus  and now wears his skin over his own — and does a fair imitation of suffering for our sins, too. Cruz will arrive in South Carolina like the Second Coming and Rubio will leave like a footnote.

Cruz and Trump will deny Rubio any chance to gain momentum in the theologically thuggish and childishly dupeable South and take the lion’s share of the rest of the primary votes. The Titanic Hispanic, Marco Rubio, is no match for the obstacles in his path drifting towards him. By the convention all that will be left of the Republican establishment’s golden child, Rubio, will be the frayed and scooped-out empty shell of a candidate trying desperately to navigate political currents far beyond his abilities.

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