Trump: President and Sexual Predator Commander in Chief

Donald Trump - President and Sexual Predator Commander in Chief

Donald Trump – President and Sexual Predator Commander in Chief

We have an admission and “braggadocio” from Trump on tape, in 2005, wherein he claims that his star status allows him to grope women’s genitalia without their consent, or even their knowledge he’s going to do it. What a manly, impulsive fellow we have running for President.

Judging from Trump’s support, these qualities appeal to many hard-line Catholics and gun-toting, evangelical Christian men of deep faith. Of course, groping women is a felony, and Donald Trump, if justice was served, would have been convicted, spent some jail time, and would be registering as a sex offender for the rest of his life. So much for the Trump brand—pzztztzzt……..

What I do find both interesting and disheartening—and particularly morally offensive— is that Trump’s evangelical Christian base and the Catholic Church continue to support a sexual predator’s candidacy. Considering the Church’s cavalier attitude about priest pedophilia for the past 1800 years, this should come as no surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention. Apparently, Christian morality takes a back seat when confronted with an alternative candidate, Hillary Clinton, who does not support the Catholic-evangelical Christian’s positions and war on women’s rights, abortion, gay rights, and minority voting rights, i.e., essentially trashing the Preamble to the Constitution and the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments, as well.

Those who are as morally offensive as Trump, himself, are evangelical Christian leaders, such a Pat Robertson, and their followers flocking to Trump’s defense by supporting Trump’s denials of his own admissions of sexual predation as nothing more than locker room talk. Now, think about it; Christians supporting a sexual predator for President really is “deplorable,” is it not? To those Catholics and evangelical Christians who continue to support Trump’s candidacy, despite his predilection for felonious sexual assault, I ask you: “Who would your Lord Jesus want you to vote for?” This is not a trick question and it’s not a difficult question… for any Christian with moral and ethical integrity. I don’t think Jews, Hindu’s, Buddhists, or atheists would find this a difficult question, although the question is fraught with pitfalls for many fundamentalist Muslims, particularly those fighting with ISIS.

I’ve worked out my entire adult life, but I’ve never heard anyone in a locker room brag about felonious  sexual predation of women, or of stardom conferring the right to sexually molest women. Then again, I don’t know any stars, so perhaps I’m missing something. If any male “star” happens to read this article, perhaps you can publicize your opinion as to sexual predation of women being a fringe benefit of star status, as Donald Trump claims. Or, perhaps you can publicly comment on whether you’ve ever heard a married man in a locker room merrily chatting about being a sexual predator.

Bart Nedelman

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